Online Content Strategist Course

The skills you will take away with you to be able to launch your own business

Course Length
120 Minutes

Sarah will introduce you to the key take aways of how to effectively become a self employed content strategist. The lesson will teach you how to operate the various features on Canva, LTK Creator, Amazon Associates Program and Pinterest so you can effciently source, create, schedule and plan content based on your clients specific niche and needs.

Bring your questions about the course to our FREE webinar for a live Q&A session with the founder Sarah Camarillo.

What You’ll Learn in the Course:

– How to create digital collages with Canva
– How to source and link products on LTK and Amazon
– How to effectively execute a strategic scheduling and posting plan
– How to figure out what to set your rates or monthly package pricing at
– Monthly 1 Hour 1:1 group coaching call where you can ask all of your questions

Sarah Camarillo
Content Strategist

I’m a self taught content creator specializing in helping other creators effectively grow and monetize their affiliate social media platforms. I aim for my course to teach you the skills you will need to run your own successful business. My passion is to provide the skills to help others discover their own talents and creativity all while being able to make a full time living working from your phone.

This course will not only teach you the skills on how to become a self employed content strategist but it can help you do the same!

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